Hennessy Ginger

This past Wednesday, the Foodbeast crew grabbed drinks and dinner at Lucques Restaurant in Los Angeles. After gobbling down dainty appetizers wrapped in prosciutto, we sat down with Maurice Richard Hennessy, direct descendant of the man who founded the Hennessy brand in 1765. Maurice was well-versed in the history of cognac, gathering everyone around him as he told tales of King George IV's popularity with "the women" and his fondness for only the finest cognac. By the end of dinner, we had covered the entire drama of the Hennessy history and our heads were swimming with everything from Hennessy Paradis Imperial neat to apple fizzies.

Ultimately, our favorite drink of the night was the Hennessy Ginger. A light twist of Hennessy and ginger ale served with lime juice. Recreate the boozy concoction below and let us know what you think!


Hennessy Ginger


How to Make It

Charisma Madarang

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