A Bunch of Grapes Sell for $5,400 – That’s $180 Per Grape


As a wedding present, a Japanese couple was given a gift of grapes worth $5,400. No, it wasn’t a truckload of grapes. Rather, the couple received 30 Ruby Roman grapes, according to Fox News.

Ruby Roman grapes are the most expensive grapesyou can get, going for about $180 per each individual grape. They’re sold only in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, and are roughly the size of ping pong balls each. The grapes undergo strict requirements before they can be sold. This includes weight, sugar content, and quantity per bunch. They will even miss going to market for an entire year if they are not up to those standards.

The grapes are a symbol of good luck in Japan. As a gift for the newlywed couple, a wedding hall owner purchased the set in an auction. He then told the two to savor the grapes’ sweet and fresh taste and enjoy the memories they brought.

Sure beats getting a toaster.

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