Bottled Mtn Dew Baja Blast Finally Coming to Stores, Vending Machines May 2014


It’s official guys: Taco Bell’s ten-year monopoly over Mtn Dew’s Baja Blast is finally over. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead!

According to newly-leaked images from Instagram and Tumblr, the long-awaited bottled version of the cult-favorite, lime-flavored, blue-green soda will be available in stores starting May 2014. An Instagram photo by user ashlynavskum was uploaded last weekend revealing a refrigerator promotion for the upcoming release. This follows the recent roll-out of four brand new drinks, the Manzanita Sol, SoBe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate, Brisk Mango iced tea, and Brisk Half and Half, plus the Taco Bell-exclusive Mtn Dew Sangrita Blast and Diet Baja Blast, in January.



Mountain Dew has yet to make an official statement regarding the leaked images, but comments on a recent IGN forum suggest the PepsiCo order forms have already been sent out to vendors.

Can’t wait ’til May and can’t stand Taco Bell? Pro-tip: just mix regular Mtn Dew and blue Powerade. Y’all are welcome.

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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  • WHAT?

    Sangrita Blast and Diet Baja Blast are the only exclusive flavors in that list. The others are available elsewhere.

    • anonymous

      You tell me where I can find Bottled Baja Blast ANYWHERE in Northeast America, and I’ll give you so many high fives, you’ll wish I didn’t tell you.

      • WHAT?

        Its coming soon… that’s the point of this article. Nonetheless, my original comment had nothing to do with Baja Blast…

        • Bojangles

          You do realize that in your post above you just said that Baja Blast was not exclusive and that you could find it elsewhere, right? You’re completely contradicting yourself here

          • WHAT?

            I said Sangrita Blast and Diet Baja Blast are the only exclusives of the 6 new flavors listed.

          • Bojangles

            Yes, implying that the other flavors listed are not exclusive and that you can find them elsewhere

          • Eric

            He said “Of the 6 new flavors.” And he’s right. You can find Manzanita Sol, SoBe Lifewater and Brisk Ice Tea in other stores.

          • WHAT?

            Thank you. The author has updated the article since my original comment. That may have led to some confusion.

  • Ashlyn Marshall

    Stoked for Diet Baja Blast <3

    • dobles

      You don’t need to be on a diet. I think it’s fake Baja Blast is much more blue.

    • Matthew Wallis

      Diet = aspartame = poison = have fun dying.

      • Jason R Mayorga

        Born – live – die. It happens to everyone.

        • Matt Mccoy

          It may happen that way, but our decisions during our lifetime truly affects quality of life. I’ve seen it first hand.

          • Zeroed Out

            And I’m sure you live perfectly. No risks. No bad stuff in your body. No desserts. No soda. No fatty foods. No fast food.

            Tomorrow … hit by a car. You can never predict what will happen.

          • Matthew Wallis

            I’d rather not be confined to an electric kart and have a sporting chance of survival by being able to jump.

          • Zeroed Out

            Um … I was saying that you never know what’s going to happen. That you can avoid all the bad stuff out there and then get hit by a car, regardless. I have idea how your statement was derived from what I said. lol

      • Jared Kotoff

        Nope. Theres not real health issues with aspartame.

        • Paula

          That may be true. However, it does make everything it touches taste like shit.

          • Jared Kotoff

            Yea no one said it tastes good. I dont mind artificial sweeteners too much but obviously real sugar cane is the best if youre going for taste.
            HFCS isn’t any worse for you than real sugar either, but it too doesn’t tastes as good, just cheaper to manufacture.

      • Anonymous

        corn surup = poison = have fun dying.

        • Kelsi

          Can you also die of poor spelling?

        • Roger Walker

          You cant even spell
          syrup. What have you been drinking.

  • Kraznov


    • Zeroed Out

      Assault drinks? If you’re referring to how bad soda is for you, forget it. There are many things in the world that are really bad for you and they remain popular.

      • Kraznov

        It’s a fucking joke you ignoramus.

        • Zeroed Out

          Hey man, how was I supposed to know? There are a lot of stupid people on the internet. Heck, just today, I saw a guy whose profile icon was a take on the Obama campaign that’s been emulated to death.

        • ednebet

          How are people supposed to know it’s a joke, dick? There are tons of anti-soda nazis around.

    • ednebet

      Lame. If you don’t want to drink soda, don’t drink it. Some people enjoy sodas, and almost everybody is aware it’s not that good for you. STFU already.

  • Ryan Holowesko


  • SomeMoreHaruForYou

    [srsly, I'm freaking out with excitement right now!]

  • Cameron Erb

    Ive been buying manzanita sol for years. Its not recent unless it is now in a 20 ounce bottle. I live in sand diego and manzanita sol has been here since i was at least 14. Thats 13 years bro….. how is that recent?

    • Zeroed Out

      It’s probably the first time it’s been available as a fountain drink.

      • Maribear

        Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Mazanita Sol has been around forever, but this is the first time offered as a fountain drink.

  • rockstarmage

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Harleen Quinzel

    You know what else tastes like Baja Blast? I found this out a couple weeks ago. Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast drink mix and Mountain Dew. You’re welcome.

    • anon-y

      Who cares? We have no need for substitutes any longer!!

    • OG_Kenpachi Zaraki

      We rather have the real deal.

    • MC

      Yes, but May is still a month away. Thank you, Harleen.

  • Justin Frames

    I really hate how everyone says Baja Blast is just Mtn Dew and blue Powerade. Powerade is owned by Coke! It’s not gonna be in a Pepsi product!

    • Roger Walker

      If you ask me it taste like a red and blue icee mixed.Because that is what I do when I get an Icee.

  • Patrick McAllister

    I appreciate baja blast but the tard who uploaded the photos
    said just mix blue power are an Mt dew. No its cool blue gator adr an mtdew…..power are is a coke product….dumbass

  • Matt Mccoy

    It’s truly deplorable that people get this excited about a crappy soft drink.

    • bobby twotoes

      DIE IN A FIRE.

    • MC

      You’re so lucky to have never, ever experienced anything that was ACTUALLY deplorable. Must be an amazing life that far up your own ass.

  • TwistyJ

    too late

  • Adam Forrest Lindley

    Jesus christ guys. Powerade takes the carbonation out of the mountain dew so that just results in flat baja blast. Why are we even discussing that anyways? The real thing is coming.

    • anon

      Now we shall soda stream.

  • Joe Jackson

    Voltage is the bomb. Baja Blast is a crappy version of 7-up/sprite. Why does anyone need Baja Blast? It isn’t even….mountain dew.

    • Jim Jones Bitch :3

      Go to food lion and walmart. They has the voltage in a 2 liter.

    • Roger Walker

      Yea Voltage is good.

      • Joe Jackson

        Apparently, my idea…they either started following up on or finally implemented. What took them so long?

  • Frank Chip Munroe

    Who cares, if you dont like it, dont buy it….

  • Andrew Orr

    It’s about time! Although, price-wise, I go to Taco Bell at a gas station and they let me refill my 64-oz jug for $1.10. Still, if I could buy Baja Blast from a vending machine instead of the regular, Code Red and White Out, that would be perfect! Baja Blast is the only Dew I like to drink, 2nd place to Distortion, of which my supply is running out :’(

    I actually just saw one on eBay a bit earlier. I thought it was a fake, but sure enough, it finally became a reality. It only took 10 years of us telling PepsiCo to finally go through with it… (I wonder if we can get Mtn Dew Distortion back….. hmm…)

  • Josiah Payne

    I’m actually not all that excited about this. I always liked the fact that you could only get Baja Bast at T-Bell. It made it kinda special.


      True!! I remember one time I let my girlfriend try it and she was like “ummm, that was good, what is that?” I didn’t tell her for like 5 months!


    Yes! Now I no longer have to go to taco bell, to get my favorite drink, this better not be a hoax!

  • Ben Cunliffe

    Its temporary but it will be good while it lasts.