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DIY Bacon Pancake Dippers

bacon pancake dippers

Recipe: Lady Behind The Curtain + PicThx Tumblr

  • N Garcia

    Been doing this combo for years! Makes the pancakes more yummier! And who doesn’t love bacon! :-)

    • Tyme Traveling

      Muslims hate bacon lol

      • Anonymous

        Let them eat (pan) cake…

      • Paula Pangan

        Muslims can eat turkey bacon!

        • Anonymous

          But they don’t, because it is horrible.

        • Anonymous

          Trannies are not real women.

      • Carol Sue Bennett

        well then to bad for them they shouldn’t be in the united states anyway go home I say and take that Muslim loven imposter in the white house with ya’s

        • Courtney

          your intolerance is DISGUSTING

          • Linda Jackson

            I do not care about the food people like or dislike!!! But Obama does need to go home !!! Or at least get out of our capital and all other state and gov offices, that’s a fact !!!

          • Crystal Munoz

            U also just showed ur stupidity & ignorance!!!!!

          • laytonian

            You’re a liberal, trying to make redneck righties look stupid — correct?

          • KT Kacer

            It’s not like this is difficult. They pretty much do it themselves… one merely points out what they say and it’s a done deal.

          • KT Kacer

            You want President Obama to go back to Hawaii? Or Chicago? Your stupidity is showing again, Linda

          • Mary Walton

            that’s a fact

          • Jacquie O Styles

            he IS HOME!!

          • Jay Purti

            @ lj/tea thugs = demographics will take of ya

        • Zina Bethune Barnes Lusk-Dana

          that was a nasty remark….I hope god does not hold that against you

        • nanfan

          You’re an idiot and a great example of what causes all the hate in the world.

          • Crystal Munoz

            Ur so right!!!!

        • Burn A’lotta Greene

          lol you sound stupid as fuck..this is the INDIANS go home

          • Crystal Munoz

            They both sound stupid & ur right this is native Indian land!!!!

          • Gilrean Treebane

            The native americans were immigrants too at one point. THIS IS THE DINOSAUR’S LAND!

          • Deior King

            Native Americans were never immigrants. You must be an immigrant to even say that.. Know your facts.. Smh

          • Anonymous

            Yeah they were. You’re just stupid.

          • kade0868

            Actually Native Americans are not Native to the Americas either the oldest remains ever found in the US were actually of Northern European ancestry … the “Native Americans” came over after that they believe through the Bering Straight … SO NO you are incorrect Native Americans were also immigrants, in fact they were nomadic if you are talking about them being NATIVE to the Americas they are not native either. Study your history and archeology a little more, If we take your premise and if you know anything about how a country becomes a country the People who were American Citizens in 1783 of the first 13 colonies were not immigrants either or their ancestors … why because that is when the US first became its own sovereign Country so those people didn’t immigrate to a newly born country. So you can easily call them non-immigrants with the logic you are stating.

          • Jerraca L. W.


          • Anonymous

            LOL! You’re a typical ethno-masochistic retard. You should just go home and punch your mom in the face. It’s her fault you exist.

        • Crystal Munoz

          U just showed ur own stupidity & ignorance!!!!

          • Bob

            You guys all sound absolutely stupid, aside from a few of you. That ‘Indian’s land’ remark isn’t much better than any of the other comments above, really. And note: the spam of exclamation marks doesn’t make you guys sound any better, either.

          • Crystal Munoz

            Umm…actually the Indian land comment I made, is better then some of the other comments made!!! If u dnt like then go get bent!!! Its that simple Bob!!!

          • Bob

            Oh, yes. Calling native Americans as ‘Indians’ is soo much better than being racist/ignorant to other races… Please. At least I have proper grammar! (Emphasis on the exclamation mark) Clearly, someone’s making a fool of themselves in the interwebs…

          • Crystal Munoz

            Oh plz!!! Stop being so ASININE!!!!! Clearly it is you who is making a fool of themselves!!!! I also have proper grammar in English & Spanish!!!! So you cannot say that I am racist nor ignorant!!!! Also it seems that you are the only 1 who has an issue with my choice of words…so as I said before, get bent & get over yourself!!!! (Emphasizes on the phrase “get bent” & if you don’t know what it means then I’d be very happy to explain it to in English & Spanish!!!! Have a great life Bob!!!!

          • Bob

            I hope that you do realize that I wasn’t only referring to you, dear. Did I direct it towards you alone? No. But you assumed so. Pro tip: learn some proper grammar and maybe, just maybe, not paralleling my own words.

            Your lovely “proper grammar” includes:
            -Improper use of commas
            -”u” (you mean you, right?)
            -”ur”: (your)
            -”dnt” (I assume that’s a word from the newfound language of Engrish?)
            -”abt”:(I just Googled that up, and it seems like you use that because you invest stock in Abbot Laboratories? Either that, or you love ballet.)
            -”themselves”: (yourself)
            -”Emphasizes” (Oh oh oh! You mean emphasis, right?)
            -Excessive overuse of exclamation marks (!!!!) !
            So please, go on and tell me another story of how “proper” your grammar is. I hope it has a really nice ending (I like ‘happily ever after ones) c:

            If it does help you, I like your use of nice, long, juicy words?

          • cathy

            So about the pancake bacon dippers.

          • Lori

            i agree Cathy, thought this was about the dippers?! these people take the cake,, (pun is free)

          • Glenda Ward

            “GREAT” comeback Bob.

          • Bob

            Sorry, the interwebs has a habit of not indication whether or not text is sarcastic or not…

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, you’re a stupid, indoctrinated ethno-masochist.

          • Anonymous

            I hope you realize you’re stupid.

          • Mary Walton

            thank you for your patience

          • Shelly Frazier

            Hey Bob, I hope that my grammer is ok for you! Have you ever heard of the Phrase {Kiss a fat mans ass} ???????????????Sincerely Shelly Marvin Frazier, Logan, NM

          • Bob

            It is! I just don’t like people making racist comments that even a 16-year old (gasp!) can understand that it’s historically wrong.

          • Anonymous

            You’re just a moron who’s indoctrinated to be Pavlov’s Libtard. You’re not against racists, you’re against Whites. You hate Whites. You’re an ethno-masochist.

          • Anonymous

            You forgot the apostrophe, fat man’s ass.

          • Debi

            Actually, Crystal, you do not use proper grammar. If your remark is to one person, identify that person, “themselves” is implies more than one person. The use of “nor” should be prefaced by “neither”. Either/or, neither/nor. Numbers under 10 are to be written out.

          • Crystal Munoz

            Actually Debi, who friggin cares?! Its been said & done with!! Have u not heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie”? Well take the hint…

          • Mary Walton

            you are an ass

          • Anonymous

            Why are you so stupid?

          • Mary Walton

            you tend to be on her enough to make over 4000 comments but your profile is private,,
            its like hiding behind mamas skirt

          • Crystal Munoz

            And ur remark abt my use of the exclamation mark, just makes u sound idiotic!!!!!!!! :) Have a good night!!!!!!!!

          • Glenda Ward


          • dar

            This is food topic place…not a place to air out your hatred….I’m Native American but I try to be civil when it comes to such nonsense. I like bacon and pancakes by the way.

        • Brent

          You are a red neck douche. The American people of this beloved country, voted for, “that Muslim loven imposter”… AND for a second term, might I add. He is actually married to a lawyer who went to an Ivy League college and graduated from Harvard Law School.. You need to put yourself in check, as to which your grammar is subpar.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t you mean “black neck”?

            Don’t you mean “wetback”?

        • Anonymous

          Well so do Jews, Vegans and Vegetarians….Do you consider anyone who does not eat bacon un-American? If so than you are not a true American yourself. BTW it is “too” bad.

          • Michael Hoydis

            Never trust anyone ( or anything ) that does not eat bacon.

        • Lori Grondin

          WOW… a Canadian reading this , you and the rest of those like you sound like ignorant racists jackasses……………..all this on a food topic? Please, go educate yourself on who was in North America first…….it wasnt white people thats for sure. Many Americans and Canadians that are of the Muslim faith were born in the United States and Canada….they are here legally just like you. My gawd to think I share the same land mass with a person like you makes me physically ill. Please….go back under your rock

          • jezebell316

            still dosent mean their not decieved!

          • Lori Grondin

            How was anyone deceived? Seriously, this is a topic about food, and you and yours make it a political conversation that has gone down the toilet. If you do not like your President, you vote him out of office. Spouting off on a food blog about your President is akin to a 2 year old not getting the toy he/she wants.Go and be proactive in your government, learn how to run a country and run for the President yourself. Stop showing your lack of education on a food blog. Really1

          • dafd

            what blows my mind is that the racist prick has 86 likes under (her?) comment.

          • ConcernedforAmerica

            Yeah we’re all racist. Especially me after first hand, eyewitness on the attack on the World Trade Center. I was walking to work that day. These people are terrorist!

            Come to Jamaica, Queens, NY and see how these Muslims treat their women. Come on honey, I’ll take you for a tour what the real Muslim population in America is like! Still wondering where the Women’s Rights movement and the Feminist are?

            I’m shocked I share the same Earth with you!

          • Michael Hoydis

            Hey Lori… Native Americans ( being PC here ) were not Muslims.

            As for you… Please stay North of our border.

          • Lori Grondin

            I never once said that the First Nations People were Muslim, and how you inferred that from what I said is beyond me! I have a legal Canadian Passport that your Border Agency acknowledges and I am legally entitled to enter the United States. If it weren’t for Canadians cross border shopping your economy would collapse completely!

          • Matthew F. Mendonsa

            Give me a freaking break. Our economy would collapse if not for Canada’s shoppers ? Why the hell you think so many people from Canada shop in the US ? Maybe it has something to do with your socialist dollars not going as far in Canada.

          • joe

            Filthy Canadian, stfu, stay up there, AMERICA has done more for everyone on this planet, than we do for ourselves, we need to close our borders, and let all you free loaders make your own way, fight your own wars, solve your own problems. ..and worry about ourselves. .every country on this planet comes running to us with their hands out when there’s an issue. .but who helps us when we need it…exactly, no one. So next time ur going to call an American racist, u dirty, french pos, think about what this great country has done for the world, and then think “abooot” what canada has done. Nothing.

          • Lori Grondin

            Go ahead and think what you want Joe, you are ignorant. Number 1: I am not French nor am I a piece of shit. 2: Canada entered World War 1 in 1914, the US not until 1917 only 1 year before it ended. 3: Canada entered World War 2 in 1939, the US not until 1941. We do fight our own wars. You know the film footage of D Day that you all watch so proudly….thats Canadian soldiers, not US soldiers because it was Canadian film. Free loaders, hmmm interesting because my husband works, we own a business and guess what I work too! No not every country comes running to the US to pull them out of trouble, if I remember correctly the Big 3 Auto makers came running to the Canadian government to help bail them out , not just to the US government. So …..educate yourself before you start showing your unintelligence to the world!

        • Shelly Frazier

          I would haf to agree with u Carol, adios, good riddance good bye, get him the hell out!!!!!!!

        • Alecia Williams

          Who is the imposter u talking about?

          • Anonymous

            You have that typical 87 IQ.

        • Jacquie O Styles

          racist much???

        • Jay Purti

          @ teat@rd
          you possess neither the brains nor the gonads of a gnat….hope you practice birth control carolsue

      • Flutterby77

        What do Muslims have to do with anything? I thought this was a discussion about “Bacon Pancake Dippers.” This just goes to show how racist you are. For your information Muslims can eat bacon, they eat Halal Beef or Turkey Bacon! So get you facts straight before you open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

        • Peggy Gurney

          lol, that lasted all of one comment, and went downhill from there.

        • Anonymous

          Turkey and beef bacon, yeah right. I lived in an Islamic country for a while, and there’s just no comparison. Pork bacon is the only real bacon. Other meats just don’t smoke properly and don’t fry up crisply the way pork does. If it’s not pork, then there’s no point, sort of like non-alcoholic beer.

        • Susie D

          that’s not real bacon…but the bacon dippers look really good-you people have issues.

          • Glenda Ward

            What do you mean, that’s not Real bacon??…Bacon is from the PROCESS it goes thru. Doesn’t matter if it’s Pork, Turkey or Rat. It’s BACON!

          • Anonymous

            No it’s not you idiot. You’re probably one of these Libtards who believes that wearing a wig turns a man into a woman.

      • Katie Styles

        use beef or turkey bacon

      • dar


    • Anonymous

      Observant Jews?

      • Sheilah Calloway-Wilkinson

        you can substitute pork bacon for turkey bacon…

    • Linda Jackson

      I love to add cooked bacon in my waffles!

  • Carolann Davis

    I love this idea for grand kids who normally pour the whole bottle of syrup on the pancakes if you let them…and I’m grandmom so I have to let them pour themselves but this would limit the syrup mess….maybe…

    • Glenda Ward

      Sure, just a little on the side for dippin’…LOL. I have sectioned plates that I use for my grandkids, that way the smaller section is used for Ketcup, BBQ sauce, tarter sauce,….etc.

  • donna

    cool ,,wow

  • Karen Collier

    You could use sausage links also. Yum. Good ideas. Keep them coming.

    • Linda Jackson

      yummy! this is why I can not DIET,the food is just soooo tasty!

  • The-Virus Turner

    Pancakes with a bacony center…mmmmm….

  • Joshua


  • Julie Glassman
    • laytonian

      You need to put watermarks on your photos, to keep the thieves from stealing them.
      NOW….was this your original photo?

  • Rolando Villegas

    Any tricks to making these come out “picture perfect”? I just see myself trying this and failing miserably! lol

    • Amber Dawn Tyner

      Try using a spouted (or pourable) bowl for more control.

    • Scott Tadashi Yamada

      From the picture, it seems they used a squeeze bottle filled w/ the batter. I highly doubt they just dipped the bacon pieces and got perfect shapes like that lol

    • Crystal Munoz

      U cud also use a zip lock bag, pour some batter n the bag, zip close as u squeeze batter 2 corner & squeeze the air out, then snip off the corner of the bag & have at it!!!! This idea also works great on deviled eggs lol

  • MaxineKarchieZdebiak

    This is an awesome Idea and perfect for doing on my #GrillingStones!! Thanks for sharing a perfect breakfast!!

  • Helen Gosper

    yummo bloody beauitful

  • Angela Davis

    It crazy how this food idea (which I like) has brought out ignorance and stupidity in people. They went from a good idea… hate! The world is in need of a cleansing. Lord whenever you come back….I’m ready, willing and able.

    • Alexis

      I’m with you Angela!

  • Dragin’

    Apparently these were made in some sort of a loaf/eclair pan. See how the edges are raising up and over just a cupcakes/muffins do.

  • Dragin’

    Cook bacon and set aside.

    Mix batter according to the package directions.

    into a squeeze bottle with a big enough hole for the batter to pour
    from. I used a cheap picnic ketchup bottle. You know the tall skinny
    red ones. They also come in yellow for mustard.

    I cut the tip bigger.

    Heat griddle. I heat mine to 300 degrees.

    Squirt batter in a long oval shape a little longer and wider then the bacon and place a slice of cooked bacon in the center.

    Lightly press bacon into the batter.

    Squeeze more batter over the bacon. I just did a wiggle line.

  • Samuel Spencer

    Wow, you guys have too much time on your hands!

  • Shelly Frazier

    YES very nice, and GOD bless America, and bacon, and pancakes, and please Lord let Mr Obama leave, I pray and I wish,,, him well, just go back ta wherever in the heck ya come from Partner, ADIOS, VAYA CON DIOS

  • Guest

    Wow, I’m not sure why people are discussing politics on this post, but these look delish. Will surely try them out next time we have the grands for a sleepover…or maybe we’ll just make up as an fun lunch. Thanks for sharing. Oh yeah, my hubby will love them too; he’s such a bacon fanatic. LOL Have a blessed week everyone.

  • Living in the USA legally for

    Its really hilarious that bacon got you all political and what was the word Ewwww the big one the one lady used “Sub par”(correct spelling) I don’t think anyone fell in that category, even her. Go bacon nation , N Garcia @ least you stuck to the subject. Smart. I can see the headlines now Bacon starts war, burning of White house ,Indian land and Mosque’s. No wonder they attack us they think we are complete idiotsl

    • Glenda Ward


  • Peggy Gurney

    HOW in the world did this recipe page turn into a HATE page??? Unbelievable.

    Anyway, my little boy will love these!

  • John Kelley

    This looks great! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Paula Pangan

    ANYWAY…..Mu friends who are Muslim and the ones who are Jewish have lived here all their lives and for the person who said goodnriddamve or let them go back to where they came from do some research on the true Muslim and Jewish faith and while you are at it Christianity and Catholicism and Hinduism too. You will find they the two aforementioned faiths are very peaceful and very non violent faiths and those terrible terrorists and hateful people that claim to stick to the true Muslim faith are severely mislead by evil humans who strayed away from the book and made their own terrible interpretation. Sad but true for any faith these days. But thankfully my friends and peace lovers not fighters as the hateful person who commented rudely on a Bacon Post. And there is good non pork Bacon. People I know get it at whole foods in both meat, poultry, and vegan form. Enjoy food lovers! We can all agree at least that we are that, right?

  • Dianne Daniels

    I come to find a recipe and found a group of racists…..I guess racists have to eat to. Can we send you all home to racist land??

  • Glenda Ward

    HEY! ALL OF YOU!…..Sound STUPID!

  • Glenda Ward

    Believe it or NOT, GOD had this Earth SEGREGATED in the beginning! Asians on the Asian continents, Blacks on the African continents, Whites on the European Continents & Indians on this Great land of the Western continent!!!….North America.ALL,, other Peoples are ORIGINALLY from one of the Other Continents, that Immigrated HERE!!!!

  • Glenda Ward

    AND….WHAT the hell does “ANY” of this have to do W/ BACON!……..LMAO

  • Sharrie Horton

    these look Musty………
    Musty Have more!!!

  • Elaine Libby

    Oh My…who knew bacon and pancakes could start this much crappy discussion? All of you need to take a break and log off.

  • Justin Morris

    Who cares who believes what religion. .. were talking about the most beautiful thing ever…. pancake covered bacon. … MERICA!

  • Lee A. Miller

    Not to ruin the theme of the thread, but I love the idea of the bacon in the pancake. Have you tried that with sausage or just seasoned hamburger? Also very good! Probably not something to eat every day but definitely a great sometimes food! Also pancake batter with specialty basil and garlic sausage dipped on a stick like pronto pups is good too! I guess bacon and pancake combo like this is an interesting object lesson for the other discussion too…

  • Theresa Farmer

    The USDA defines bacon as “the cured belly of a swine carcass”;

  • Martha Elena Mena

    all these remarks,comments WOW over what ???? BACON my gosh!!!!! I will try this with my grandkids this weekend

  • Scott Kipp

    These comments are awesome! All over a little bit of bacon! F you world peace!

  • Cariniti Cannon-Keith

    These Are Going to Be My Specialty for My Grand~Babies/Children!!!

  • Katie Styles

    how do you get the batter into that shape with a turkey baster? also do u bake or make like regular pancake

  • Jerraca L. W.

    Soooo ummm….this looks delicious :D

  • Georgann Micono

    Bacon, bacon, who has the bacon?! I was born here but my grandma and grandpa were not, on either side, maternal and fraternal; Slavic, Austria and Ireland but I still LOVE bacon AND pancakes! Put them together in the same bite and you’ve got WONDERFUL! Will try this recipe over the weekend for certain. Ummm…we’re still talking about food, right? As far as the peopling of the world, National Geographic has some good programs on the subject, theorizing the migration routes from the first human civilizations, Bering Sea Ice bridge and the like. Just sayin,

  • j dubb u

    Wow!! How did we get from pancakes and bacon too this some people got to much time on there hands LOL !!!!!!

  • Kathy

    so sad that my appetite for learning new recipes is now in danger from dip shits who hate so much there is no safe place anymore…why do you not find another place to go to prove to yourself you have any intelligence…this comment is for anyone involved in the commentary that was not food related…

  • Scott Savoia

    This looks delicious!
    I just read some of the moronic things here. And Muslims don’t eat
    Bacon… so what. And with all the cap that true Muslims stand for, ya get out!
    Ya America had other people here first and now we are all here. Offending everyone and losing our rights to do things like pray in public because it upsets the Muslims and the other people who’s families had nothing to do with building this country. Everybody is offending everybody. Because of stupid people who think their way is the only way And that is offensive in itself.
    so I’m going to pray where I want to my God that is spelled GOD not gawd (idiot)
    And I’m going to eat pancake dippers and enjoy them not caring who else cares whole I pledge to the AMERICAN flag, trust in GOD, pray to JESUS, tell the moronic muslims, non tipping stupid Canadians, and general people who live here but don’t want to learn English or call this country their country to PACK UP AND LEAVE (that goes for people who spell God … gawd.. GET OUT!)

  • Barry Martin

    Wow! whoa, whoa, whoa !
    Wtf is going on here ??
    There’s pictures of FOOD, bacon-in-a-pancake.
    This whole page is ABOUT food, and everybody is just going off !

  • Paul Marchlevski

    I just want BACON! Murica!

  • Bonnie Mann

    Hey has anyone tried these bacon pancakes? Im kinda wondering what they are all about.

  • Sheryl Hollingsworth

    Hey I don’t know at this point if ya’ll care but this recipe sounds so yummy and I am going to try it. Maybe have backwards day and do a breakfast tonight :)

  • Anonymous

    All I know is through out history, no matter anything in the human race is, the strongest survive. I did not kill Custer, I did not kill Martin Luther King, I did not kill Crazy Horse or anybody else. But in todays world the strongest still survives. I will not put up with anyone race, creed, breed, religion or color who is against my freedom, my rights or anything that belongs to me. I do not discriminate, I will do harm to anyone who tries. So maybe this will be an answer to everyone and stand behind it! This is a cooking site if you want to bit*h go to a forum or on your own FB page!

  • Genevieve Kimball

    How do u get them that shape?

  • Patricia van Dyke

    This people, is about a recipe! I know its obvious that you don’t care, but I will apologize for your behavior. And you think others aren’t civil. Please people, stop the hate!

  • Lee Graham

    Now that ive read all the beautiful comments.. Im going to make this using sauage not bacon.. I don’t like bacon.. and Im American. and Im indain…I don’t vote.. and when im hungry and looking for some new food idea Ill remember not to come here again

  • E Farr

    Here is tolerance for you. I like bacon. I dont give a shit if someone else does not, thats their problem. :)

  • Tia Dorsey
  • Anita Chavez

    stop it y’all. let’s talk food!