Wienerschnitzel Tempts Us with Cake Batter-Dipped Cone

Cookie Ice Cream

I have to admit that chocolate-dipped cones have always been a guilty pleasure of mine and the idea of cake coating replacing said chocolate may just find a new home in my heart. Wienerschnitzel is adding a new dessert to their menu and it sounds pretty sweet. This vanilla soft serve is dipped into cake batter and rolled with rainbow sprinkles.

For those looking for an every day deal, Wienerschnitzel is also adding a $1.99 special for each day of the week. Monday’s customers can get Chili Cheese Curly Fries, Tuesday Angus All-Beef Chili Dog, Wednesday Original Pastrami Dog, Thursday Jalapeño Poppers, Friday Polish Dog, Saturday Junkyard Dog and Sunday is Two Corn Dogs.

Both the Cake Batter Cone and the Daily Deals are available at participating Wienerschnitzel locations for a limited time only.

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  • Linda Lovelush

    Dang. Those are so pretty, but I wouldn’t be able to eat them. There’s generally raw egg in cake batter and I’m allergic to it. I can’t even eat cookie dough ice cream.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not actual cake batter. It’s a cake batter-flavored dipping shell, like the chocolate dip that this chain uses.

      Der Wienerschnitzel posts, on its web site, a guide to allergens in its foods. While it hasn’t added this item yet, not one of its other dessert items contains eggs — not even the cookie dough-flavored freezee — so I doubt they’ve somehow found a way to suspend a raw egg in flavored shell coating.

      • Linda Lovelush

        Ahh, okay, well that’s good news. I love cake-flavored ice cream, so this sounds really good.

        I’d never heard of Wienerschnitzel, so I looked it up and it appears to be a chain out west. I’m in the midwest, so no Wienerschnitzel’s here, but maybe the concept will catch on and it will eventually makes its way to us in other ice cream shops.