38 Pieces of Food-Inspired Clothes and Accessories That Actually Look Dope

beloved crew sweatshirt cheeseburger

Because we had the exciting opportunity to work with The Agenda Show during its couple-day tenure in Southern California, we also had the chance to thumb through racks and racks of apparel and accessories launching throughout 2014. We entered the show optimistically thinking that since food has evolved to become a larger part of the cultural zeitgeist, perhaps, just perhaps, we might find enough food-related clothing to put a writeup together. And that’s when we became a bit overwhelmed with the seemingly insurmountable number of pieces, and even COLLECTIONS from streetwear brands like Beloved, Neff and Sabre. The clothing seemed to shout, FOOD, YOU’RE HERE TO STAY!, and we’re excited to feed this trending fire.

Below, find a photo collection of our favorite pieces from the show itself and even a few brands that came from the extended Agenda network. If you’re in the street/surf apparel industry, make sure to catch Agenda NYC happening this week: January 22-23. And if we missed a brand you personally rep that features food in its new lineups, make sure to drop us a line through our contact form or social handles (@foodbeast).

FYI, these food items were spotted at an industry trade show and may or may not be available presently. To find out more information, make sure to follow up with the individual brands. 



beloved crew sweatshirt cucumber

beloved crew sweatshirt french fries

beloved crew sweatshirt gummy bears

beloved crew sweatshirt pancakes

beloved crew sweatshirt cheeseburger

beloved crew sweatshirt pizza

beloved crew sweatshirt sushi

beloved crew sweatshirt waffle




sabre banana strap goggles

Sabre Tropical Disaster Goggles



cheeseburger backpack neff neff pizza belt

neff pizza wallet cheeseburger iphone case neff pineapple beanie neff pineapple beanie neff cupcake beanie neff ice cream cone beanie neff cheeseburger backpack neff



Married To The Mob

married to the mob mttm just eat it tee




Zero Gravity

touch zero gravity bacon iphone case beer touch zero gravity iphone case CHEESEBURGER  touch zero gravity iphone case cheese and crackers touch zero gravity iphone case french fries touch zero gravity iphone case fruit touch zero gravity iphone case grade a meat touch zero gravity iphone case GUMMY BEARS touch zero gravity iphone case MACAROONS touch zero gravity iphone case marshmallow smore touch zero gravity iphone case PBJ peanut butter jelly touch zero gravity iphone case PEPPERONI touch zero gravity iphone case SOFT SERVE ice cream iphone case twerk spagehttios touch zero gravity iphone case



Booger Kids


booger kids pepperoni nipples tee

booger kids pepperoni nipples tee

pizza rules booger kids tee

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