McDonald’s New Zealand Intrigues with 4-in-1 Stackable Packaging


Remember how KFC was trying to change the world by introducing their cup holder-fitted Go-Cups? Well, McDonald’s New Zealand just trumped that on 4 different levels.

The chain posted the above photo to their Facebook page, posing the question, “McGenius?” The curious prototype is a juxtaposition of a warm hamburger stacked on top of a cold drink, which is further stacked with a fry compartment that also doubles as a condiment container. While this ambitious packaging aims to be as clever as it is functional, it falls short in the latter department.

Stacking a hot sandwich on top of a cold drink creates an enviroment prone to condensation, melting ice, and undesirable leakage, the Consumerist critiques. As for the top-heavy fry and condiment layer, it makes for very precarious attachment that would topple like a pile of Jenga blocks if jostled.

Alas! Perhaps we’re just being Debbie downers and the possibility of being able to nibble on your burger and fries while sipping on soda at the same damn time is simply too glorious for us to digest at the moment. Perhaps.

Picthx McDonald’s New Zealand

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  • Randi Richardson

    Whoppers are from Burger King…

    • Anonymous

      What are you babbling about?

  • TopBananas

    also seems like a way to give you less fries and smaller portions of items all around