How to Make a Marijuana Pipe Out of Starburst


With kush now legal in Colorado — sales surpassed $1 million on the first day – the  cheeky folks over at 7Deadly thought this would be an appropriate moment to introduce us to the delectable world of marijuana pipes.

To kick things off, they’ve brought us the Starburst pipe — a completely edible smoking device made entirely of the classic candy. Check out the recipe and watch the tutorial below.

Psst, we heard it makes a great post-sesh snack.


Starburst Pipe


  • Pack of Starburst
  • Skewer (metal or wooden)
  • Your choice of kush


  • Unwrap the Starburst pieces and press them on top of one another so they stick.
  • Take your skewer and cut a hole 2/3 through the length of the stack.
  • Make a rounded hole on top of the stack to create your bowl.
  • Now pack that business and enjoy!

Protip: Use a mesh screen to catch any residue and rinse out the edible pipe before eating.

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure how healthy it would be to inhale the by products of heated corn syrup, food coloring, & assorted other chemicals in the Starburst!

  • Naqawe

    You’d need a screen of some sort.

  • pot is for shits

    I hate potheads.

  • Anonymous

    When I was a boy we just carved up a goddamned apple!

    • Jennifer Drouillard

      we still do!

  • Jennifer Drouillard

    hmm you are making this for stoners you should be more careful with that sharp ass scissor blade before it goes through ur hand! Lol, I bet there were a bunch of people out there who went ouch shit!