Two Patrons Leave Meth in Place of Their Waitress’ Tip


After allegedly leaving their waitress a tip in the form of methamphetamine, Ryan L. Bensen, 40, of Beaverton, and Erica A. Manley, 37, of Cascade Locks were arrested. The waitress who served them reported the incident to the police when the pair left behind an envelope filled with a crystal-like substance as a tip for the drinks they ordered.

Police found them shortly and the substance was identified by the responding officer as methamphetamine. Manley’s purse, which was inspected, also contained a large quantity of the drug. The Seaside police were also able to identify the suspects’ motel and vehicle. The authorities found more suspect meth, along with other items that linked the suspects to manufacturing with intent to deliver, according to the Daily Astorian.

Benson was arrested for possession and manufacture of meth, while Manley was arrested for possession, delivery and manufacture of meth. They are currently in jail awaiting charges.

H/T Daily Astorian + Picthx Wiki

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  • Gio

    Seriously?!? They used meth to tip the waitress??? I don’t think this tip will qualify for the Tips for Jesus project.

  • FoodYeast

    What a rat.

  • Винямин Фичтнер

    Sounds like my former home, the Pacific NW. How embarrassing.