Togo’s to Give Away 10,000 Free Pastrami Sandwiches


Any pastrami fans out there looking to get a free hot pastrami sandwich? In honor of the much-celebrated national Pastrami Day on Jan. 14, Togo’s is giving away 10,000 free pastrami sandwiches to customers. If there’s anything better in the world than pastrami, it’s free pastrami.

Fans are asked to visit Togo’s Facebook and “like” their page to receive a free coupon through email. The first 10,000 to sign up will receive a free #9 pastrami sandwich. All they have to do is present a coupon on said holiday and they’ll get their free sandwich, hot mustard and all. Overall, the giveaway will require more than 2,500 pounds of sliced pastrami.

Picthx Togo’s

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    Without a doubt the BEST chain pastrami sandwich on the market! If youve never had one I highly recommend it.