Pizza Hut Singapore Gets a Double Decker Stuffed-Crust Pizza


Pizza Hut Singapore has tried to revolutionize every square inch of a pizza over the years with menu items such as the Ring of Fortune pizza and the Double Sensation pizza, but they must have run out of real estate because now they’re putting pizzas on top of pizzas.

I’ll spare you the bad Xzibit jokes and get right to the goods on the monstrous Double Decker Pizza. The bottom layer consists of a hand-tossed stuffed-crust pizza, then gets topped off with a smaller tortilla-based pizza.

The top layer resembles a Taco Bell-inspired Mexican pizza with turkey, Edam cheese, tomatoes, zucchini slices and tangy mango mayo, while the bottom pizza is a  stuffed-crust pizza topped with chicken, pepperoni, and red and green bell peppers.

Picthx Pizza Hut Singapore

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