D’AWWW: Instagram Hashtag Showcases Puppies Licking Peanut Butter Off Their Faces


Anyone who remembers this commercial from the early 2000s knows that dogs, em, struggle with eating peanut butter. Stephanie McCombie’s instagram project “#peanutbutterseries” celebrates this amusing idiosyncrasy by showcasing photos of dogs failing to do what they clearly don’t do best.

According to My Modern Met, the Vancouver-based photographer was inspired by watching her own German Shorthair Pointers lap themselves silly trying to clear the smooth, sticky spread from their snouts. She eventually invited other photographers to take part, and the result is nothing short of “d’awww”-worthy.

Check out a few of our favorites from the instagram feed below and proceed to count the hours until you can go home and do this with your own pooch.  Go on, you know you want to.




H/T + Picthx Modern Met

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