So Apparently, We’re Unpacking Our Soda Cans Inefficiently

We’ve all been there, just home from the market, fresh pack of soda in hand, then comes the tedious first-world problem of having to unpack each can, one at a time into your ice box. By the end of the process, your back is in shambles, and you’ve somehow grown a disdain for your mother for not having shown you a better way.

Fret no more, tear open both perforated ends of the box, put your box on the level of the fridge you want to fill with soda, and push all the soda through the back end while pulling the box back onto your arm like a glove (see video).

Remember, unpacking soda the old way will guarantee you waste time and contract scoliosis:



Instead, do it like this:


You’re welcome!

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Elie is a product of Orange County, CA. In early 2012, his dentist diagnosed him with 8 different cavities, three of which on the same tooth, as a result of his 23-year Sour Patch Kid addiction.

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  • Christian Z.

    You’re supposed to put the whole box in and tear off the part that lets you grab a can out of it.

    • Linda Lovelush


      I can see the horror now – I open an end to lift up into the fridge so I can open the OTHER end to push all of the cans onto the shelf with no problem. Except what will probably happen is all of the cans will slide out of the already-opened end (that’s supposed to go fridge-first) and hit the floor. Then I will find the guy/gal who came up with this idea and punch them in the face.

      • Christian Z.

        You are not supposed to unpack the cans at all. You put the whole box into the fridge UNOPENED. Once it’s in you TEAR off the section that it TELLS YOU to tear off. Once you do that you can easily grab one can at a time from the box. Maybe I’ll have to go take a picture of it in my fridge.

        • Linda Lovelush

          No, it shows in the video to push the cans OUT of the box onto the fridge shelf. That’s the whole idea, to UNPACK the box of soda cans. To leave the cans IN the box wouldn’t be a genius idea because that’s how most people have been doing it for years. The idea behind this little deal is to slide all of the cans OUT of the box into the fridge.

          Watch the video to see how it’s supposed to be done. That’s why I said my luck I’d end up with all the cans on the floor if I would open the box before I’d lift it up into the fridge. Now, one COULD wait till the end of the box is up on the fridge shelf before opening it, but then you’d have to reach around and fumble with the box end to try and get it open while the box is turned away from you and it just seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to in order to unpack cans of soda. Those plastic soda racks are 100 times better because they keep the cans neatly coordinated into their own little space.

          • Christian Z.

            “To leave the cans IN the box wouldn’t be a genius idea because that’s how most people have been doing it for years.” I didn’t say it was a genius idea. I just implied that it’s better than what FoodBeast is suggesting. And, yes, the plastic rack solution is even better. And I thought about bringing that up but my remarks are about how a decently working situation comes right with the box when you buy it without having to buy something else.

          • Linda Lovelush

            Ahh, okay, gotcha.

            I bought the racks for two reasons:

            1) I don’t like loose soda cans roaming around my fridge.

            2) I don’t like soda boxes in my fridge, either.

            The racks are up on the top shelf and I regularly grab soda and fill the racks back up. No soda cans getting in the way of other fridge stuffs and the boxes go into the trash :)

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Are people really that stupid? How do they not know this?

  • Anonymous

    “By the end of the process, your back is in shambles”

    HUH?! Seriously? I think someone needs to exercise more.

    • beanfart