Sit Down & Shut Up: Marijuana-Infused ‘Nugtella’ Exists


I bet whoever came up with the idea of Nugtella is pretty damn pleased with themselves right about now. As well they should. This actual pot-friendly item can be purchased at select dispensaries in California and are not available online.

The Sugarleaf-branded product comes from Organicares, makers of “medical edibles” and apparently all things brilliant. The hazlenut spread infuses 320 mg of hash oil, making for a particularly enjoyable treat. This discovery follows the recent announcement that an Official Nutella Cookbook will roll out come August 20th, making for a perfect opportunity to create incredible and no doubt mind-blowing chocolate desserts. Think “Nugtella” macaroons, chewy brownies and cheesecakes. Yes, MJ in your cheesecake.

You’re welcome world.

Nugtella @Organicares

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not a stoner nor do I eat a bunch of Nutella, but the combo sounds delightful.

  • Michael Fossum

    Nice, we need some of that over here ;)