Zodiac Munchies: What Your Fast Food 4/20 Order Says About You

Additional editorial contributions: Kathy Vu

With 4/20 on the horizon, business is about to pick up for fast food restaurants. I can already see drive-thrus packed and DoorDashers literally dashing around the city. But have you ever wondered what your fast food choices reveal about your personality?

This 4/20 we're diving into the cosmic connection between your zodiac sign and your go-to fast food munchie order. So let's explore how the stars align with your munchies.


Aries hate being bored so getting stoned on some indica is antithetical (they’ll want to order something FAST). The ever ambitious Aries is ordering a party pack of their favorite food, but adding a secret menu twist, like ordering it "bold" at Del Taco.


Taurus is definitely going for the biggest comfort meal that’ll arrive quickly but also be a mood-setter for sexy times. Make sure to wipe your mouth before you get too spicy!



Gems love entertaining, so I feel like they’d order a giant family-size meal since they’re also scatterbrained and can’t decide on one thing.


Cancers would eat comfort meals for every meal if they could. They’re definitely going all in with lots of tendies or nuggets!


Leos will want to be SUPER relaxed, so their order should be super chill, easy to eat, calm. They’re also generous so they’ll order A LOT of food. If you annoy them, though, they’ll keep all six pizzas for themselves… out of spite.



Virgos aren’t going to spend their hard earned money on fast food during 4/20 when they know they can make something tastier at home. Pro tip: get yourself invited to a Virgo’s house on 4/20. You’re welcome.


Libras are known for being indecisive, so they’ll hem and haw at the drive-thru before panicking and ordering the most bizarre food combination you’ve never heard of. 


Scorpios are THE gossip queens, so they’ll want to order something that takes a long time to eat — just so they have more than enough time to dissect the latest tea with their besties.



Sagittariuses are always going to show up to the 4/20 party with something flashy and unexpected. What’s going to feed a group of high, hungry people better than a Panda Express buffet?!


Caps definitely get high to unwind from the madness in their lives and are definitely critical, so they’d want a classic staple that DoorDash can’t fuck up.


Aquarius need you to know they’re better than you in every way, so they’ll order the healthiest munchie food but make it vegan. Because duh, they care about the planet more than you do.


Pisces are walking into their favorite fast food restaurant with NO plan and order purely off of vibes — but it’ll somehow all make sense together. And of course, they’ll share their sweet treat, because they love you.