You Can Now Keep Your 'Stache Dry While Drinking a Beer


Apparently wet mustaches are a problem for some people. You'd think people would cherish the ability to lick their lips and have that extra taste after the initial sip, but for those with a hipster handlebar mustache that looks even dumber when wet, there is now a solution.

The Whisker Dam protects your luxuriously combed upper lip and keeps it dry as an overcooked turkey.

This handcrafted tool is made of 100 percent copper, 100 percent non-toxic, and 100 percent unnecessary. They say it's "like an umbrella for your face," but you can also say it's like a sanitary napkin for your upper lip.


They might as well create a Starbucks coffee-like lid to protect your fragile nose from getting foamy, or special beer glass mittens so your hands won't get cold.

If you're considering this as a gift, it's $20 on the Whisker Dam site.

Cheers, Whisker Dam. May your 'stache be dry and lonely this winter.

PicThx Whisker Dam