This Pen Might Change Latte Art Forever


Your latte art on Instagram is going to get a lot more personal, as you'll soon be able to put together your own designs without the help of your local barista.

There's a Kickstarter campaign for the CinniBird Spice Pen, a pen that allows you to draw on your food using spices.

Apparently you just load up the pen with a ground spice such as cinnamon, or cocoa, push the release button and start drawing away.

Some of the examples in their Kickstarter show them drawing up a storm on lattes, of course, but it can also be used to spruce up dishes for a neater presentation. Go ahead and use pepper to draw on your chicken or some sugar to draw on your brownie.


The CinniBird is more than 70 percent funded with 16 days left until its deadline. The tentative goal is $5,000 and currently has over $3,500 from its 78 backers.

When fully funded, it looks like the retail price for these will be $60. The pen has a battery life of about three months for everyday use.

So when that local barista tries to show off his latte art, you can just pull out this pen and be like, "I got this, player."