Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen is Serving Millions of Meals to Ukrainian Families

Photo: World Central Kitchen/


With 30,000 meals going out each day, World Central Kitchen's (WCK) #ChefsForUkraine campaign is already making a significant impact in the face of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

As of April 30th, more than 16.4 million meals have been served. Millions of families are fleeing and need assistance but there are still many others staying behind, thus requiring needed assistance.

Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen is always on the front lines of those in need. When massive tornadoes touched down in Kentucky they partnered with 25 restaurants to provide meals, have committed $1 billion dollars to families affected by climate crisis, were there when Haiti had massive earthquakes last fall and a slue of other relief efforts.


In Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv, one of their restaurant partners was hit with a missile that destroyed their kitchen. Four staff members were wounded with burn injuries, yet still went back out to cook in a new location using whatever salvageable equipment they had, just two days later.

Three months after Ukraine was invaded, there are now thousands of Ukrainian team members for #ChefsForUkraine. The tremendous effort includes hundreds of restaurants cooking for those who have been displaced and seek refuge in hospitals or shelters.

You can follow WCK on Twitter for updates on their #ChefsForUkraine relief efforts.