A Cafe in Chicago is Slinging Waffle Donuts (Wonuts)


Well, mankind has really outdone themselves this time. A cafe in Chicago is slinging something call a "wonut" -- an inglorious waffle and donut hybrid. Boys, if you wet your panties reading that, I'll give you a minute before going on.

Waffles Cafe crafts their wonuts from a thicker version of their signature waffle batter. Red velvet, vanilla and chocolate batter get poured into the iron press and cooked to the perfect crunchy-on-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside texture. Next, the wonuts are dipped and fried in vegetable shortening, then covered in gobs of marshmallow, glaze and sprinkles.



Current variations of the wonut include health-conscious whole wheat, green tea and Mexican chocolate with spicy cocoa, candied orange peels and dark chocolate shavings. Just further proof that waffles will -- and will always -- be better than pancakes.

Picthx Waffles Cafe