Wine Is Actually Really Good For You, According To Science


Feeling guilty about your evening glass of Pinot Grigio? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Fitness Magazine has shown drinking wine can be good for your health. These reasons might be the best news you’ve heard all week.

It makes you more attractive.

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You read that right. Studies in alcohol and alcoholism showed that low doses of alcohol can make you more attractive by giving you a slight glow and subtle smile. Who doesn’t love a little glow?

It’s good for your heart.



Polyphenol, a natural chemical in wine, has been credited for lowering risk of heart disease. Nutrition and Aging found in a study with over 300,000 women that moderate levels of wine resulted in a healthier heart.

It reduces stress.


Alcohol is a depressant, as most of you may know. It can reduce stress levels by depressing brain activity and triggering a calming, sleep effect. Be careful with this one, too much of a depressant can disrupt the chemical balance of your brain.

It can prevent memory loss.


Resveratrol, a component of wine, might help you recall where you’ve been leaving your keys. A study done by the Journal of Neuroscience showed adults who were given daily doses of resveratrol had better short term memory than those that were given a placebo. Maybe your grandma isn’t scatterbrained, she just needs a nice glass of wine.


It can burn fat.

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Dark red wine with muscadine grapes has been credited to slowing the growth of fat cells. Don’t replace the treadmill with a bottle of wine though; it won’t be your best weight loss plan. This article also explains how it can keep you slim.

It helps maintain muscle.


Resveratrol, the same secret ingredient that prevents memory loss, has been linked to muscle mass and bone density. A study done with rats by French researchers showed that rats who did not receive resveratrol actually experienced reduced bone density, muscle mass, and strength. Apparently, rats like wine, too.

It can help fight cavities.



Having trouble keeping up with that flossing routine? Tell your dentist that you may not be flossing, but you are drinking wine. The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that the seeds in grapes can help reduce plaque-causing bacteria that forms on your teeth.

All of this must be considered in moderation—in this case, more is not merrier. But now you can explain why your Barefoot addiction is actually healthy thinking. And, to incorporate your daily dose of wine into a healthy smoothie, read this recipe. Cheers to looking out for your health.

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This Article Written by Sarah Grace Nicholson of Spoon University