Wendy's Porks Up Menu With New Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Fries

wendys pork

Wendy's is looking to switch up your average fast food fare by adding pulled pork to their menu. While the chain is known for carrying more premium items than their drive-thru counterparts, such as their pretzel bun sandwiches, pulled pork does seem like an odd choice for a burger chain.

The new items include a pulled pork sandwich and pulled pork cheeseburger, both of which are topped with slaw and nestled on a toasted brioche bun. What could possibly pair better with these sandwiches than pulled pork cheese fries: natural cut fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce, tangy pulled pork, and diced red onion. Wendy's new line up also includes your choice of three different barbecue sauces: smoky, sweet, or spicy.


Before you start imagining the tapeworm you could possibly catch at a fast food restaurant serving pork, you should know Wendy's is pretty serious about their barbecue game. The chain smokes their pork between 8-12 hours and adds your choice of sauce to your sandwich once it's prepared, meaning you don't end up with a sandwich drowning in sauce that's been sitting in a prep table all day.

Wendy's new pulled pork menu is only available for a limited time.

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