This Vegan Model Hasn't Touched A Drop Of Water In THREE YEARS, Here's Why

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We've seen people go on radical diets before, such as the 10-Cokes-a-day diet, and even a strict burger and pizza diet. Now there's a water-free diet, as this guy claims he hasn't drank water since 2012.

Peter Filak said he no longer drinks water, even when filtered, because "You're taking out one chemical and putting in another," according to Vice.

Filak said he doesn't believe in hydration, and feels the fluoride and chlorine in water is enough reason to cut it out of his diet.


The waterless guru used to be a nurse, but quit that gig after disagreeing with the hospital's nutritional recommendations. Likely because those crazy doctors gave patients water.

Now Filak spends his days modeling on web cam and going on 10-mile hikes with his dog.

Oh, yeah, he put his dog on this water-free diet as well. Where you at, PETA?

As a raw vegan, it's not unusual to rely strictly on fruits and vegetables, but water usually isn't taken out of the equation.


It's also good to note that Filak has written some books, specifically one chronicling his waterless endeavor. So he does have some kind of financial investment in all of this. Take that how you will.

Regardless, he hopes his diet will help him live to be 150 years old. Hopefully by then, we'll produce some satisfactory drinking water for Mr. Filak.