Watch The Cube-Shaped Food From Popular 'Starfield' Video Game Get Recreated IRL

You know you love food when you enjoy eating video game food. I love living vicariously through my customized character’s stomach while imagining myself eating the finest that the game has to offer. Along with real-life recipes, video games allow you to experience totally unique culinary creations. Sometimes, those creations look so enticing that you just gotta try them in real life. 

Foodbeast friend and Kitchen League vet, Kat of Whimsy (formerly c0smikat), just recreated a bunch of menu items from Chunks in Starfield.

For those not in the know, Starfield is an action-adventure science fiction role-playing video game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released this year. The game is set in the year 2330, a time when humankind has settled the cosmos. It’s a massive open-world game that includes more than 1,000 explorable planets across 100 star systems, and lots of Chunks. 


In Starfield, Chunks is a popular fast-food chain that was founded by Fred Blombart, and serves cube-shaped versions of popular fast foods. Players can enjoy many types of chunks that range from apples and cheesesteaks to cola and wine. The ingredients used in Chunks are unknown, which is something that mirrors real-life fast-food restaurants. 


In a YouTube video about the franchise, according to one of Chunk’s in-game employees, “Chunks are the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the Settled Systems, and… uhh… I forget the rest.” Asking repeatedly only gets you more of the same, “All I am legally allowed to say is that our chunks meet all known minimum standards for nutrition.”

Mystery meat aside, in an excerpt from owner Fred Blombart’s 120-page autobiography (yes the game is THAT in-depth), he says, “[But] most people, they just want to cram something into their face. And that’s when the concept of CHUNKS was born.”

Kat of Whimsy put her impressive cooking skills to work and recreated 10 cube-shaped menu items from the game. To pull off the shape, she ordered silicon molds from Amazon, similar to the ones you use to make large ice cubes. She then prepared and filled each of the molds with their respective ingredients. Using a pot of water, she placed each inside to cook.


Once they were cooked and ready, Kat pulled the molds from the pot, allowed them to cool, and then easily removed each cubed treat from the silicon molds. From the in-game menu, she impressively recreated the Chunks potato, Chunks cheesesteak, Chunks poached egg, Chunks grilled chicken, Chunks Mongolian beef, Chunks secret sauce, Chunks pumpkin pie, Chunks red cheesecake, Chunks chocolate, Chunks cola zero, and Chunks cabernet rouge.

I don't know about you, but I'm super blown away and would love to try one of these chunks eats. Fingers crossed we can convince Kat to do a Starfield pop-up.