Nasty Ass Waffle House Employees Are Caught Using Cookware To Wash Their Hair

Well well well, if it isn't Waffle House, in the news again for more dirty ass buffoonery.

The Forrest City, Arkansas, location has recently come under fire for hygienic concerns, no thanks to a few nasty ass employees. One of them began washing her dreadlocks in a large pot filled with hot water. After thoroughly allowing the dread to soak in the water like a god damn Lipton tea bag, she proceeds to remove the dreadlock from that poor, unfortunate pot.


After gingerly lifting what can only be described as a hairy kielbasa from the pot, another employee began patting it down with a towel, like a mother drying off her child after exiting the bathtub. During this entire ordeal, one particularly disturbed customer scrambled to get his phone out and record the foul beings now only known as "waffle trash."

Big wigs from Waffle House's corporate office discovered the video and quickly terminated those involved in the incident.


Despite having passed the health inspection that was conducted shortly after the clear molestation of that poor water pot, the inspectors who checked out the joint concluded that the restaurant can stay open, despite the several "violations of employees not using hygienic practices."

First IHOP workers shitting and not washing their hands, then Waffle House employees bathing in the sink? I think I'm going to start eating breakfast at home.