Watch A Vegetarian Lose Her Mind After Eating Meat For The First Time In 22 Years

Talk about turning your back on your convictions, lady.

Just kidding. Live your life.

Plus, meat is amazing.


Stephanie Potakis is the casting director for popular satirical site, The Onion. While her job might immediately cause you to question the validity of her vegetarian claims, she swore she hadn't eaten meat in 22 years.

Potakis told the Huffington Post that she had recently attended a rib festival and was so entranced by the sights and smells, it made her consider eating meat again.

The AV Club took her up on that decision, and didn't ease her in at all, having her try different steaks, a crispy chicken thigh, and even bone marrow.

You'd think she'd be disgusted, and maybe even throw up after this meat-filled dinner, but it was the opposite, as she felt euphoria from the experience.


To be fair, they took her to the highly acclaimed Swift & Sons in Chicago, so she was eating top of the line cuts, not just your run-of-the-mill steakhouse meats.

Going back to meat had to be something she considered for a while, because you don't just abandon your beliefs like that at the drop of a hat.

There are some people, such as That Vegan Couple's YouTube channel, who call bulsh*t on the video, and make a pretty compelling case for it being another fake viral post:

I'd like to believe she's being honest, and if she is, you can't knock her for her decision. Welcome to the dark side, Steph. Hope you enjoy your next filet mignon or smoked brisket, and never look back.