Trump's Butler Confirms That Donald Likes His Steaks Burnt And Rock Hard


Unfortunately, we can't turn our heads without Donald Trump making some kind of headline, down to the way he likes his steak prepared.

When the world found out that he liked his steaks well-done, it was one of the last confirmations that he's out of his mind, but it might actually be worse than we thought.

The New York Times interviewed Trump's long-time butler Anthony Senecal, who might be closer to the Donald than anyone.


Senecal revealed that not only does the presidential candidate like his steak well-done, but the steak, "... would rock on the plate, it was so well done."

Trump could play softball with his steaks, or re-sell them as chewing tobacco.

Regardless of your views on him, someone should help order a good steak. No one deserves half-burnt steaks, not even -- well, maybe we all get what we deserve.