The Former Head Of Trader Joe's Just Started His Own Nonprofit, Super-Cheap Supermarket


The Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store that just opened in Massachusetts, is making headlines. Time reports that the incredibly affordable market located in Dorchester was created by Trader Joe's former president Doug Rauch.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Rauch's goal is to provide people with healthy meals, specifically the working poor, who are unable to afford the healthier foods they should be consuming. Not only is Rauch trying to sell cheap groceries. but also affordable ready-to-cook meals to make things easier for busy families.


Because most of the items are nearing the end of their "sell-by" dates, the Daily Table is able to offer such low prices. Groceries range from 29-39 cents for frozen vegetables, cereal boxes for 70 cents and canned fish for 55 cents. Ready-to-eat entrees are as low as $1.79 with side dishes from 50 cents to $1, reports Supermarket News.

While the Daily Table is still new to Massachusetts, Rauch hopes to expand further into the Boston area. He also hopes to build new stores in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and San Francisco.