Feedback: The Top User Comments Of The Week

Here at Foodbeast, we can appreciate a clever, or insightful comment from our Facebook followers, as they peruse our headlines and check out our food stories.  All we do is write news, send it out into the world and hope it resonates with people, and often it does.

Most of the time, we get the basic feedback of, "Gross", "This looks amazing!", or just a crazy amount of tags, but the special ones who take the time to be witty or thoughtful, those are the ones we want to put the spotlight on in this weekly series.

They're sometimes touching, funny, offensive, and maybe too honest — but always real.

Without further ado, here are the Best User Comments of the Week:


"I might have to start drinking again just to experience this wizardry." - Katie Honana

beard beer

I swear, this post was not intended to spark up past addictions, Katie. Maybe buy it for a friend? Whatever. Thug Life.


"They were protesting, 'Fowl lives matter!'" - Dawn Federighi

kfc chickens

Bruh, you're gonna have a whole lot of movements after you for this one. Black Lives Matter is one thing, but you don't want PETA coming at you, throwing that red paint on your kicks.



"Isn't that like a wall around his salad?" - Nick Variz


Great observation, Nick. I've heard the man does have a 'thing' for walls.


"Can you guys not associate HipHop with this fool." - Jelani Smith


I saw this one coming a mile away. All the hip hop heads who still say "son" and "word is bond" were going to absolutely hate on the Almighty Sosa. I hear you guys, but this is a part of rap culture now.


"I tried to get disability from my job at IHOP for the same condition. They said to get back to work." - Mark Neal



You gotta march back into IHOP and tell them to put some respeck on your fears.


"Skip all the useless tasks related to the making of the burger, just start pouring melted cheese into and all around ur mouth and don't stop until ur bathing in cheese" - Ayla Miller

That's a plan we can all get behind, Ayla.


"Fitting since Taco Bell's meat is horse shit." - Audrey N Micah


Slow clap.


"Finally, Someone can officially shout ''it is over 9000!!!!'' in front of that athlete." -Setsuna Yuen



"Would have been cool if you changed "than" to "then"' - Kyle Marcoux

badminton mcdonald's

We posted this one with a couple different titles and both were money with commenters. We got a classic Dragon Ball Z reference, which was set up perfectly by the 9,000, plus our boy Kyle Marcoux, AKA, The Vulgar Chef with a fantastic suggestion for our headline. It would be pretty gnarly if that athlete ate your whole squad.


"So is it supposed to taste better or equally as crappy as del taco soft chicken tacos" - Kari Torres

Straight shade on the Del Taco. And to answer your question, it is better.


"I will say this, their pizza was overpriced shit before the recession. Now its moderately priced shit." - Nick Chavalas

Dominos Commerical