This Week’s Top 5 Most Cringe TikTok Recipes

Let’s keep it real, cooking isn’t for everyone. There’s no better way to put it. That said, I’m no Gordon Ramsay, I’ve done blasphemous things in the kitchen (and still do), but I generally do a pretty decent job. The social media-verse has given us a lens into all of the craziest, most out of this world food recipes you can imagine. From head-scratchy, to interesting, and even down right cringe-worthy, there’s no shortage of food content filling our timelines. 

No social media platform has more ridiculous food content than TikTok. There’s literally hundreds of videos of people trying out some weird recipe idea. I suppose you can learn something from everything, even from making mac n’ cheese in a kitchen sink — as you’ll see one TikToker do below.

In honor of being too creative in the kitchen, we put together a list of this week’s most cringe TikTok recipes.

JaneBrain’s Pickle Jell-O Hot Dogs


I learned this hot dog trick in England ?

♬ original sound - JaneBrain


Who knows what was going through Jane’s brain when she decided to make Pickle Jell-O Hot Dogs? It’s like the savory version of Fruit Jell-O Salad that nobody asked for. And I love hot dogs. Just imagine biting into a Jell-O-incased hot dog on a bun… on second thought, don’t. Unsurprisingly, the comment section didn’t let this kitchen mishap slide. One comment offered almost philosophical wisdom with, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” While another respond sarcastically, “I have a better idea, what if just put the sausage in the bun and then some sliced pickles in the top with some ketchup?” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

easy and delicious’ Butter Basted Steak

There’s no denying how delicious butter basted steak is… er, can be. All you gotta do is cook it right. Yes, i know that the kitchen is a place to experiment, but there is in fact a right and wrong way to cook butter basted steak, and this my friends, is not it. The TikToker begins by smashing either side of the steak with sticks of butter. It literally looks like a butter sandwich. After she manages to smother the raw steak with fat, she grabs a packet of taco seasoning with butter-smeared fingers. She then sprinkles more of the seasoning on after dropping it into a hot skillet. Once the first batch of butter melts, guess what… she adds another stick of butter. The end result is an undercooked and over-buttered slab of meat.

The Adley Show’s Fireball Pie


@theadleyshow How to make Fireball Pie! ☄️? #fireballpie ♬ original sound - adley

I’ve had my fair share of Fireball whiskey so I can somewhat understand why The Adley Show thought a pie version would taste good. From the jump, the video lands high on the “WTF” meter. The TikToker lines the bottom of her pie crust with Hot Tamale candy — which will definitely provide a sugar and spice kick of unnecessary proportions. She then pours two cups of Fireball into the pie. I personally would’ve blended the liquor directly into the pie mix. What Fireball pie would be complete without a splash of Bailey’s? And of course you can’t forget the copious amounts of flour and additional sugar. But wait, there’s more; top that thang off with mini marshmallows then toss it in the oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit and you've got yourself a hangover in dessert form.

Easy Dinner Video’s Creamy Chicken Pot Pie


Per the TikToker’s instructions, you don’t need to use measuring cups for this recipe “AT ALL!” If you’re obsessed with canned food, this hodgepodge of hell naw might be for you. It looks like a Middle America casserole classic. From chicken tuna, condensed milk, Pilsbury biscuits, and cheese on top of cheese, there’s too many ingredients to keep track of. I admit the barbecue was a good move, it’ll add a smoky touch. Keeping it real, though, the end result doesn’t look half bad.

Janelle & Kate’s Kitchen Sink Mac N’ Cheese

Let’s address the elephant in the room here: This can’t be sanitary. I’ve seen the kitchen sink used for many things, but never for mixing food. They get 10 points for convenience, -10 for being unappetizing. Some things are worth the extra bit of time it takes. If the kitchen sink wasn’t stomach-turning enough, they decided to use canned cheese. As it poured I cried out “Noooo!” in slow motion. The comment section was eager to drag this recipe, with the top one being, “Why not use the toilet?” The unsanitary conditions only reinforced another’s fears about eating at other people’s houses, “I’m no longer eating at anyone’s house ever!” One person was even less forgiving, “I’m calling the police.”

All jokes aside, I fully support having fun in the kitchen. Even if some of these recipes aren't the healthiest, I think a good laugh is the best recipe of all.