This Pizza Crust Is Made Entirely Out of French Fries


This is the kind of recipe that you probably thought about when you were in grade school, but never had the means to actually make it come to life. Well, now you're an adult, your mom can't tell you to put back that Green Power Ranger toy, and you have the Internet to help you make whatever kind of pizza your heart desires.

Coming from a YouTube channel called "HellthyJunkFood," Chef JP Lambiase creates a chili cheese dog pizza made with a french fry crust.

He was inspired to make this pizza by a comment he received in one of his previous videos. The fine commenter said:

"JP I want you to make a French Fries pizza and you might think what do I mean well its like a regular pizza but you don't use any dough just fries on the bottom Please."


So Lambiase accepted the challenge, had some trial and error, but eventually found a way to make it work.

He basically covered a pan with smashed-up fries, sprinkled some mozzarella cheese to help them stick together and threw it in the oven. He then added some delicious canned chili, added more cheese and topped it off with some cut-up pieces of hot dog wieners. He threw it back in the oven, let it cook and voila! It worked. It is possible to make a pizza out of french fries and now we all can make it ourselves.

Check out the vid below for more specific instructions: