"This Is Not A Pipe," It's Actually A Drink


Do you smoke it or do you drink it? It's a cocktail served in a pipe? What kind of sorcery is this?!?


Sorcery of the Giovanni Martiniez variety, apparently.  Mixologist extraordinaire Martinez works at Sadie in Hollywood, one of those glamorous, Prohibition-era bars I was talking about before where it feels like you're sitting in your grandfather's private den covered in chocolate leather, mahogany wood and antique light fixtures. Even their spirits list is old fashioned, with an impressive list of international whiskey and brandy.

Martinez prepares different drinks each season, and this fall's menu had his most interesting concoction to date: the "This Is Not A Pipe," named in honor of the artist Magritte's iconic painting. You know the one.


Just looking at the cocktail evokes the same sense of surrealism and mystery as Magritte's paintings. There are three layers to the drink-- warm Galliano, Frangelico, and a vintage combination hilariously called the "Bosom Caresser" (Mount Gay rum, coconut, and egg yolk). Each component is meant to be sipped from the stem in an ordered progression. It's bottoms up, literally.

Because what's more badass than sippin' the sauce through a German glass port-pipe?! Nothing, that's what.