This Instagram Account Makes Sweet Pastry-Inspired Custom Sneakers

Photo: Twitter

As a longtime sneakerhead I always have my eye out for new and dope kicks. In fact, I look at sneakers so much that my Instagram algorithm frequently recommends interesting sneaker-related accounts. 

Yesterday, while doing my daily digital window shopping I came across this super unique custom sneakers account called Shoe Bakery. Started in 2013 by artist Chris Campbell, it features pastry-inspired custom sneakers. From cake and ice cream, to pastries and even candied apples, each sneaker was meticulously crafted to look like edible pieces of art. Sprinkles and cherry toppings aside, the best part is that they’re fly and wearable. 

Below, I’ve compiled a list of some of Shoe Bakery's sugary drip that’s sure to give you a stylish sugar fix.

Rainbow Pink Pastry AF1 Mids for Twitch Streamer Meg Turney

Oreo Cookie-Inspired Wedges


Drippin’ Dots-Inspired Air Force 1 Lows

Syrupy-Sweet Honey Bee Open Toe Cone Heels

Complimentary His & Hers Mint Chocolate Chip Customs


Red Velvet Cake AF1 Lows

Cherry-Topped Waffle Cone Drips

Cake & Ice Cream Combo Slides


Whipped Cream-Topped Chocolate Milkshake Skates

Pink Drippy Flats With White Icing

The above selection of dessert-designed dopeness is only a few of the styles Shoe Bakery has to offer. Whether you're a lifelong sneakerhead like me or just looking to sweeten up your footwear, their Bake-A-Shoe customization service makes sizes for men, women, and kids. Through the website you can fully customize your shoes to perfectly match your fashion sweet tooth.

Wearing more than a spoonful of sugar, you're sure to turn heads with these confectionary conversation starters.