These Eye-Opening Facts Will Give You a New Respect for Food Trucks [Infographic]


It seems like food trucks are popping up everywhere these days. However, it’s no longer Philly cheese steaks and stale pretzels we’re talking about.  Rickshaw dumplings, the Cinnamon Snail, and Kogi BBQ have become ubiquitous names in the realm of food, with food trucks trending in New York, L.A, Texas and even Paris. So while the future of food trucks is still up for debate, this handy graphic breaks down the numbers.

For example, did you know that over 70% of food trucks take cash only, and the most influential food trucks of 2010 are exclusively from New York and L.A.?


Or that the most popular day for trucks is Monday, and that trucks can now get liquor licenses? We certainly didn’t.  Check out the infographic for more fun facts!