This Espresso Machine Requires No External Power Source


Espresso can be hit or miss at a lot of unfamiliar places. So wouldn't the easiest solution be to make your own? Wacaco, a Hong Kong-based company, has developed a hand-powered espresso machine that's an ideal appliance for weary travelers.

One simply pours coffee grounds into a capsule, adds water and manually pumps the device. Fresh espresso apparently comes squirting out. The Minipresso doesn't even need an external source of power, which means no more outlets or batteries. Sure it's a bit inconvenient for anyone not interested in making their own drink, but for those on the road a lot, this is definitely a time and money saver.

The Minipresso is currently available for pre-orders through Wacaco for $40. The product is expected to ship early 2015.


Hey, if it gets us out of the morning rush coffee lines.