This Thanksgiving Boyfriend Can Be Hired To Piss Off Your Parents


An interesting offer was put up on Craigslist last week, as a guy offered to be the worst Thanksgiving dinner date, just to piss off your parents. What does he want in return? Simply the opportunity to eat the delicious Thanksgiving dinner provided that night.

If you're going home for the holidays and want to avoid the awkward conversation involving your love life, or lack of it, then his offer is perfect for you. He will be a boyfriend placeholder that will not only stop your family from wondering why you're forever alone, but possibly ruin Thanksgiving for everyone.

He's willing to pretend to be drunk, hit on other girls and start a fight with a family member. Hell, he'll even propose to you in front of your whole family.


It can pretty much be a no-holds-barred night of shenanigans if you want. Or he can just sit there and eat, it's really up to you.

Check out the full ad below: