These 12 Hotels Have Some of the Most Decadent Room Service Available

Whether you’re traveling out of town or just looking for a staycation, choosing the right hotel can be stressful. There’s tons of things to think about – location, price, food, a never ending list of amenities, etc. If you’re like us, food is the most important aspect of the bunch and a hotel stay is the best time to go balls to the wall with your dining choices. To help facilitate that, here are some of the best hotels for decadent room service across the world.

1. Le Royal Monceau // Paris, France

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If you consider yourself a high roller, Le Royal Monceau should be the only hotel you even dream of staying at while in Paris. The room service menu pools dining options from two Michelin-starred restaurants, because one isn’t enough. Highlights from this wildly impressive menu include an Omelet with French Imperial Caviar for 300 euros (which thanks to Brexit translates to only $330 US, when it used to be much more) and the Lobster Salad appetizer with baby spinach sprouts, miso flakes, and truffle vinaigrette for 65 euros. Or you can get straight to the point and order 50 grams of French Imperial Caviar for 300 euros, or, even better yet, 50 grams of Beluga Caviar for 700 euros.

2. The Surrey // New York, NY

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New York City is one of the largest and most prominent food epicenters in the world, so it’s no wonder a lot of the hotel room service options in the city are in tip-top shape. With private rooftop butler service and 24-hour room service from Cafe Boulud (which has a Michelin star, by the way), The Surrey is definitely at the top of the list. Highlights from the room service menu include the Rabbit Porchetta appetizer with huckleberry, violet mustard, pistachio, and sourdough for $26, and the Lamb Trio, with lamb chop dibi style, mafe, peanuts, pickled vegetables, and fonio, for $46. Not sure what half of the stuff is in the last one, so you know it’s gotta be fancy.

3. The Water Club at Borgata // Atlantic City, NJ

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When a celebrity chef is thrown into the mix, you really can’t go wrong. The Water Club at Borgata, located in Atlantic City, boasts a room service menu designed by the man, the legend, the Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian. We can say with confidence that Zakarian is one of the greatest chefs to touch this Earth, so even if you aren’t a fan of Atlantic City, the room service alone could be worth the trip. Zakarian’s main contribution to the scene at The Water Club is his “Breakfast Before Bed” menu, with delicacies like hanger steak and eggs topped with Emergen-C vitamin powder, which hopes to give you that extra boost of antioxidants after a wild night at the casino.

4. Bryant Park Hotel // New York, NY

These NYC hotels really don’t hold back and we’re just getting started. The Bryant Park Hotel is another prime example of over-the-top room service, as the entire menu is delivered straight from Koi, a high-end sushi restaurant. The flagship Koi originates from Los Angeles and is notorious for several celeb cameos. When Kobe-Style Filet Mignon and Miso-Bronzed Black Cod are on the menu, it all starts to make sense. By the way, these dishes in the NYC location will run you a minimum of $50 for the beef and $30 for the cod.

5. Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa // Taha’a, French Polynesia

At Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa, it’s all about the experience. The hotel itself is located on its own private island in French Polynesia, and most guest rooms are actually individual bungalows whose views include wide expanses of the clear blue water of Taha’a Lagoon. Even with all of this, breakfast is the star of the show – literally. Guests can get their food, which can be anything from fresh squeezed juices, danishes, muffins, pain perdu, and fresh tropical fruits, delivered straight to their private deck, by a ukelele-playing staff member in a canoe, to be exact. While we’re not sure what this display of grandeur costs, rooms at the Resort run from $850.

6. The Cosmopolitan // Las Vegas, NV


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is another hotel with a star-studded food lineup. Breakfast can be acquired from a satellite location of the famed Los Angeles eatery, Eggslut, small plates and cocktails are designed by Chris Santos, and then there are three (yes, three) restaurants by famed Spanish chef, Jose Andres. And we haven’t even gotten to the room service yet. Upon entering their rooms, guests will find a book with 22 pages of room service options for meals or events. For breakfast, you can order yourself some Steak & Eggs for $32. Or if you plan on entertaining, you can opt for something like the “Guys Night Out” package, which comes with your choice of four 14” Pizzas, salty snacks, Kettle chips, assorted dips, a mixed case of beer, and a customized bar. This sounds awesome, but it should be noted this comes with a $1,500 price tag.

7. Mark Hotel // New York, NY

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Few people in the world will have the opportunity to experience food created by the Michelin star-studded Chef Jean-Georges, but guests at the Mark Hotel in NYC can be one of them simply by ordering room service. While the hotel staff will allow guests to choose whatever they like from the menu, we highly suggest the caviar with warm blinis, which is $90 per ounce, the chilled seafood platter for $91, or probably the most impressive burger we’ve ever heard of, the MARK Cheeseburger with black truffle dressing and brie for $37. If that price point is still too low for you, there’s always the Wild Dover Sole with spinach, potatoes, and mustard sauce for $86.

8. The St. Regis // San Francisco, CA

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St. Regis hotels are especially known for their grandeur, but the San Francisco location takes it to a whole new level. Before we get into the room service, you should know the place also offers 24/7 butler service, and you can order literally anything your heart desires. Word on the street is that you could even order a new iPhone from the Apple Store, if you wanted. On the room service menu, we recommend the poached eggs a la russe, served with cured Alaskan salmon, brioche, caviar, and mousseline sauce for $24. The hotel also offers a service called “Delights Delivered” for special occasions, or just for the hell of it. One example of a “Delight” is the Champagne & Strawberries package. For $125 you can get a 375ml bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne, three plain strawberries, and three chocolate covered strawberries. You could also probably head to the nearest grocery store and acquire all of those items for much less, but that wouldn’t be as fun.

9. The Hermitage Hotel // Nashville, TN


The Hermitage Hotel takes farm-to-table to the extreme, and we can’t be more into it. All of the food served on the premises, whether eaten in the the restaurant or in the privacy of your hotel room, is sourced from the hotel’s very own farm located about 45 minutes from the location in White Bluff, Tennessee. Back in 2012, The Hermitage bought 250 acres of farmland specifically to grow its own vegetables and raise its own beef, resulting in the freshest produce possible. If you’re staying at The Hermitage, it would behoove you to order either the 8oz Filet Mignon or the 12oz New York Strip, both sold for $48 (not including room service fees) to get the whole experience.

10. Greenwich Hotel // New York, NY

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For what the Greenwich Hotel lacks in size, having only 88 rooms, they make up with food. The hotel boasts 24-hour room service from the Italian restaurant Locanda Verde, spearheaded by Andrew Carmellini. Locanda takes Italian food to the exquisite, with dishes like saffron trenette pasta with sea urchin, razor clam, and gremolata and lamb costolette with almond salsa verde and fregola sarda for $28 and $38, respectively. For breakfast, you can order the uova Modenese with cotechino hash and spinach & tomato hollandaise for $24. If you weren’t thinking those prices were that steep, they are all before room services fees, of course.

11. Waldorf Astoria // Chicago, IL

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The Waldorf Astoria is located in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, which is called that for a reason. Gold = money. Get it? Anyways, the staff at this hotel goes all out for meals. Each guest room is equipped with a formal dining room table and room service is served on actual china. The menu is sourced from the hotel’s restaurant, The Kitchen, with highlights being the king crab ravioli with tomato brodo and calabrese chili for $26, the quail with pine nut, figs, port and five-spice for $36, and, the piece de resistance, the Painted Hills bone-in ribeye with marrow butter for $59. Again, that’s the cost before room service fees, so expect at least a $10 price hike.

12. The Peninsula // Hong Kong

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Like any bougie place, The Peninsula in Hong Kong seems to have an addiction to truffles. The most popular item on their room service menu is the Wagyu beef burger, which is served on a sundried tomato bun with black truffles, truffled onion, melted brie, and truffle butter. It’s pretty excessive, and will cost you over $50. Room service is available 24/7, and each meal is served with a candelabra and other “necessary” dining accessories.