Literally Go Underground For This Subterranean VIP Karaoke Experience

For those outside of Magic Sing-wielding households and Soju-wasted ragers looking to blow off steam, the idea of karaoke may seem like a cheesy night out that will only end in spilled Hite and embarrassment for not hitting any of Mariah Carey's dog whistle high notes.

So possibly elevating the whole karaoke experience might switch up your feelings towards it, which is all good, you're not alone.


Enter The Venue: Los Angeles' answer to a chic, VIP karaoke experience done in a subterranean setting and featuring a chef-driven menu from Kayson Chong and high-end cocktails by mixologist Devon Espinosa.

The hip spot's literally underground by way of one very sleek staircase that leads you to 13 private karaoke rooms, as well as an expansive, open dining room and bar. Being immersed in such a sexy setting will literally make you feel miles away from the musty private rooms, dilapidated leather seats, and barely-there song selection of other karaoke joints.

So squad up and fine tune those singing voices, because you really have no excuse not to be a part of this VIP karaoke experience at The Venue in Koreatown, Los Angeles.