The Undertaker Is Terrified Of Cucumbers And Wrestlers Always Pranked Him For It

Wrestling fans know the fear that The Undertaker put into the souls of other wrestlers, as he'd stroll into arenas with the lights completely shut off, bursts of fiery pyro filling the stage, with his eyes rolled to the back of his head, like a possessed monster.

"The Deadman" was a symbol of fear for years. But even one of the most terrifying men in the world had his own weakness, though I bet you'd never guess that weakness was... cucumbers.


I know, it sounds insane. This man was 6-foot-10, threw 300-pound men into caskets, and fearlessly fought atop a 16-foot cage, yet the sight of cucumbers literally made him throw up.

If there was any one person we could trust on the subject, it's The Undertaker's longtime friend William Moody, better known as Paul Bearer, valet of The Deadman.


Before Moody's death in 2013, he did an interview with wrestling promoter Jim Cornette, where he revealed in detail stories of the Undertaker's fear of the veggie.

"He cannot stand cucumbers," Moody said in the interview. "At Waffle Houses sometimes, we'd come in after having a few drinks, he'd go to the bathroom... come back and there'd be a cucumber floating in his iced tea. I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a Waffle House."

There was even a time where The Undertaker would put on his infamous purple gloves, only to freak out from finding bits of cucumbers at the fingertips. Even more blasphemous, there were times when he'd be getting dressed for a match, grabbed his scary black hat, and wouldn't you know it, there'd be cucumbers inside of it.


While there weren't too many other wrestlers that would have the balls to prank The Undertaker in this fashion, aside from Moody, former wrestlers Brian Adams and Owen Hart would get in on the fun was well.

According to former WWE producer Bruce Prichard, Owen Hart would stick slices of cucumbers in The Undertaker's boots, which really pissed him off. Even worse, Hart once stuck cucumber slices in his tights, later flashing them in The Undertaker's face in the middle of a match.

I don't know how wrestlers would mess with The Undertaker without fear of repercussion. I'm nowhere near The Undertaker and am still scared that he'll suddenly appear in our office and chokeslam me, just for writing this story. Hopefully we have some cucumbers in the fridge for protection.