The Srirachelada Is Your New Summertime Beer


We're all-too-familiar with the red rooster bottle known as Sriracha. But what if it had a drunken night, and fell into a michelada? One brewery wants you to explore the merger of these tastes.

Srirachelada is a spicy take on the michelada: beer doctored up with spices, peppers, sauces and lime. Made a little differently depending on where you order one, it reminds us of a Bloody Mary--- only much, much better. Some consider micheladas a hangover cure. We're calling it a hot way to cool down.



Launching this week from Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery, their amped up version injects our favorite condiment into a beer vat alongside pickled banana peppers, lime juice, agave, Clamato and Worcestershire sauce. Their tag line of "Serve over ice; Brewed to share" is nice and all, but a chilled bottle straight up sounds way better.

Both an Original and Spicy version are offered in 22-ounce servings, but we both know you're gonna head the fiery route. If you're feeling like weak sauce, go dilute it over ice. We'll already be clinking our second bottle.