The Shot Flask, For Sharing With Unhygienic Friends

shot flask

I recently snuck whiskey into a Non-Alcohol Zone. All was successful until I tried to mix the right ratio of whiskey with coke. I am not a bartender, so I don't know how many seconds is equivalent to the amount of ounces in a shot. It was too weak, and then it was too strong. Eventually, I got it right, but wouldn't it be easier if we could just have a shot glass handy to do the measuring for us? I am calling this Reason #144 to buy the Shot Flask, right after #143, which is so that you can still share your whiskey with people who have bad hygiene.

The Shot Flask contains an expandable shot glass, while still maintaining the flat, sleek shape and without compromising the amount of liquor it can hold. It's made by Stone Cask, the makers of "premium beverage accessories," leather bound, stainless steel and holds the standard 8 ounces of liquid. The Shot Flask is making it's debut right before the gift-giving season, which also happens to be the season of debauchery.

Shot Flask: $25 @Stone Cask