The Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE is Your Grown-Up 1-Up


I was performing a deep clean of my childhood bedroom the other day, and unearthed many a treasure from my earlier years: Beanie Babies, collectible (read: spendable) state quarters, and an original GAME BOY that could have easily doubled as a bulky and fashionable murder weapon.

I mean, seriously, given how compact everything is nowadays, those things seem implausibly huge. How on earth did we, as children, manage to get anywhere in Pokemon Red, Blue, White, Black, Gray, Teal, and/or Chartreuse, when the old Gameboys were half our weight? Kids today have it easy. If you're going to carry around all that bulk, may as well use it for something good. Really good.

Like booze.


Twenty years later, Etsy user Athena'sWink has the answer to all our problems. Or at least one of them. The Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE (get it?) successfully incorporates our childhood of hard knocks into our resultant, alcohol-soaked adulthoods, and will run you the cost of less than one 3DS game. So, you know. Win-win.

Buy it here, and then rage drunkenly to anyone who'll listen about how much you miss the 80s/90s.

Nerdtendo GAMEBOOZE: $20 @Etsy

H/T + PicThx that's nerdalicious