There Is Now A Brioche Donut Hybrid — MEET THE BRONUT


From the Doughnut, to the Cronut, the Ramnut, and now the Bronut, people seem to have an affinity with carb-loaded "nuts."

According to Business Insider, Mariebette Cafe and Bakery in Virginia is selling a Bronut, which is a brioche feuilletée that almost looks like Dominique Ansel's famous Cronut, but is a little more cocoon-shaped.

It is made with several layers of brioche, butter, and like the Cronut, is topped with a lot of sugar.


The shop hadn't even thought about the Cronut comparison, but local food blog Charlottesville 29 did it for them and even dubbed it the "Bronut."

Mariebette hadn't planned on keeping the Brioche feuilletée much longer than a week, but people have been clamoring to the shop to try it.

Now they've kind of been forced to keep it, which isn't a bad idea considering it's almost National Donut Day.