This Woman Finished A 10K, But Stopped By Every Taco Shop On The Route

Running a 10K sounds like it requires a lot of training, a proper diet, and a bit of willpower, but Anna Orso of the Billy Penn online publication in Philadelphia, found a way to make it a little less grueling, and more taco-filled.

Orso didn't officially run the Philly 10K, but she did map out the same route, and highlighted every taco spot on the way, because she was about to embark on a journey like no other.


In a personal five hour marathon, not only did Orso walk the Philly 10K route, but she stopped by 13 taco shops, eating a total of 14 tacos, and even made time to sneak in a margarita.

We'll see you at the finish runners! #thephilly10k

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On her very first stop, at a restaurant called Mexicana Foto El Trompo Loco, she immediately encountered her first challenge, as she found out the minimum taco order was three. She ordered three, but ate only two of them and continued on. This happened lot throughout the 10K. Orso didn't explain what she did with the other tacos, but we can only pray that they weren't thrown out.


Once she hit her third and fourth spots, she encountered her second challenge, as both South Philly Pizza (which apparently has amazing tacos) and Taqueria La Mexicanita were closed. Womp womp.

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To that point she had walked over 2 miles and only eaten three tacos.


After a long quest, she eventually walked her 5 miles, hitting up 13 total taco spots along the way. The last spot, unfortunately, was Chipotle. Orso didn't want Chipotle to be her last taco of the day, so she hopped on her bike, made her way back to South Philly Pizza, as they had finally opened, and redeemed herself with an al pastor taco.

Orso had started at around 11 a.m. and had her last taco at 4:15. Her five hour adventure saw her accomplish a feat that would make you and I jealous. Not only did she achieve an athletic goal, she ate a pretty insane amount of tacos in the process.

Check out her full experience on Billy Penn, as she lived the dream.