Taco Bell Will Help Pay For Your Next Taco Tuesday, Even If It’s From A Competitor

Photo: Taco Bell


Get ready for the Biggest Taco Tuesday Ever: Taco Bell is celebrating the liberation of the Taco Tuesday trademark in 49 states by picking up a $5 million taco tab on September 12, 2023. 

That’s right, Taco Bell will help pay for your next Taco Tuesday, even if it’s not at Taco Bell.

A little backstory: in May 2023, Taco Bell filed legal petitions to cancel the Taco Tuesday trademark registrations, aiming to free the phrase for restaurants nationwide. Since the legal victory, all Taco Bell locations offered a free Doritos Locos Taco every Tuesday for a month, with no purchase necessary. On September 12 comes the second celebration, as the chain partners with DoorDash to cover a portion of orders from any participating business selling Mexican cuisine. 


How it works: In an effort to elevate participating small businesses even further, DoorDash users can add the promo code TACOTAB to their orders placed with participating Mexican restaurants to get $5 off any qualifying order of $15 or more. 

Over 20,000 local Mexican restaurants are participating; see the full list of participants online here.

And to make things extra cheesy (aka even better), Taco Bell has committed to donating $1 million in partnership with the Taco Bell Foundation to support young people who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos. “Because when tacos win, we all win,” stated Taco Bell CMO Taylor Montgomery

So support your local taco spot this Tuesday and raise a glass for homies at The Bell for making Taco Tuesday traditions a whole lot better this September.