Taco Bell Just Took The Crunchwrap Supreme And Made It Bigger

triple double crunchwrap

Bigger is always better, or at least that seems to be Taco Bell's idea with its newest product. Crunchwrap fans will soon be able to enjoy the Triple Double Crunchwrap.

The new item will feature the same items as the original Crunchwrap Supreme but, as the name suggests, triple doubled. This means there will be double layers of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce and a double layer of the crunchy tostada shell.

There will also be a spicy version, which will have the same ingredients including fresh jalapenos and spicy ranch sauce.

The Triple Double Crunchwrap will be available nationwide July 17. Both the spicy and the regular Triple Double Crunchwrap will be available for $3.49, just 30 cents more than the Crunchwrap Supreme.

It can also be purchased as part of the $5 Big Box, which will get customers a spicy or regular Triple Double along with a medium drink, a Doritos Locos Taco, and a crunchy taco.

The original Crunchwrap Supreme was launched in 2005, and an instant hit at the time.  Taco Bell has also made the AM Crunchwrap breakfast item. The announcement of this newest Crunchwrap has already sparked excitement.



Apparently some people have even had the chance to try it. There were comments about the weight, but Taco Bell did promise big.