T-Pain And Wendy's Want To 'Buy U a Frosty'

If you're a 90s baby then chances are "Buy U a Drank" was one of the top songs playing at your house party in high school. Well now, Wendy's and Grammy-winning artist, T-Pain, have teamed up for a spin-off because they want to buy YOU a FROSTY.


The song remake dubbed "Buy U a Frosty," includes lyrics like "Imma buy you a frost-y" and "I got money in the bank so take two frost-y." In case it wasn't clear, T-Pain and Wendy's are buying you a Frosty... literally.

Fans can enjoy FREE small Frosty treats, classic Chocolate or seasonal Strawberry, with any purchase with the offer in the app or on the website from June 5 until the first day of summer, June 21.  

"I loved Wendy's 'We Beefin?' mixtape back in 2018, and knew I wanted to work with them when the time was right. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to remake a classic with one of the most classic menu items of all time – the Wendy's Frosty," says T-Pain.


Photo: Wendy's

Just like 2007, the video is packed with nostalgia where the music video opens with T-Pain in his studio, which then morphs into a Wendy's restaurant, where Frosty treats are everywhere, and the vibes are all pink.