Woman Flips Out At Subway Because They Ran Out Of Meatballs [WATCH]


If you've ever worked a customer service job, you know the struggle of having to pray someone doesn't lose their shit in front of you.

As a low-level employee, there's often nothing you can do to appease the customer yourself. Worse, if you don't have a manager to back you up, you might just freeze and take the verbal beating.

If your luck is even lower, the yelling will last long enough for someone to record it. Now everyone in the world can see this ridiculous argument that sounds like The Rock and Chris Jericho going at it.

All those circumstances seemed to happen to this poor fella at Subway. A customer really wanted a meatball sub, but the guy tried to explain that they were out of meatballs.


Terribly upset, and probably trying to get a free meal, the woman in the video kept rambling on about how the restaurant "should have it available," or put up a sign showing that, "it's not available."

This goes on for over 3 minutes, as the filibustering customer didn't get anywhere, and surely didn't get her sub.

For what it's worth, the sandwich artist handled it like a champ and probably realized the absurdity of the situation.

Check out the confrontation for yourself and decide if she was right for being so angry: