These Former SpaceX Employees Created An Automated Pizza Joint On Wheels


It recently hit me that I say “in the future…” a lot less than I used to. It seems as if everyday there is a new startup offering a product or service we’d only seen in movies previously. I actually recall a time before cell phones, now I can’t imagine a minute without one. I may have even started my slow descent into a fully virtual existence: I haven’t stepped foot inside of a grocery store in months. What can I say, I’m a sucker for convenience.

As a foodie, the technology I’ve been waiting for most is the instant-food pills from the microwave scene in Fifth Element. Toss a capsule in and a second later out pops a filet mignon. It absolutely puts fast food to shame. While we’re probably a few decades from instant-food pills, one start up that is looking to deliver new standards is Stellar Pizza

Launching early next year, Stellar Pizza is an automated pizza restaurant on wheels. The concept founded by a trio of ex-SpaceX engineers: Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan. What's more, the core engineering team at Stellar Pizza consists of 23 fellow previous SpaceX employees, all of which now lend their combined 100 years of rocket science experience to revolutionizing the pizza industry.


Operating a brick and mortar can be costly. As a solution, Tsai singled out real estate and labor as the culprits. By removing those two factors they're allowed to offer an automated service that delivers quality and consistency right to your door. Pandemic friendly automation also means that Stellar Pizza’s pie only touches robot hands before landing in yours. 

The real highlight is their gourmet pizza making process. With Executive Chef Ted Cizma at the helm, quality and taste is as important as quality tech. It could be a game changer — 'za is fired in just 5 minutes while enroute to its destination.

Steller Pizza will be available to order via their mobile app, launching early next year, along with a crew of automated, modular trucks. Their hope is to one day offer food options beyond pizza and to revolutionize the food delivery industry. You can follow them here for updates.