Longhorn Steakhouse Introduces Steak & Bourbon Flavored Ice Cream

Sweet and savory is a flavor combination that’s been loved since, well, the beginning of cooking. Now, starting on July 1st, Longhorn Steakhouse is taking aim at the trusted combo with their new Steak and Bourbon Ice Cream.

Yes, you heard that right. Meat and alcohol flavored ice cream. 


The steakhouse’s vanilla ice cream is mixed with a “swirl,” if you will, of steak bits that are akin to end-of-the-bag beef jerky crumbs. While the ice cream is the star of the show, it’s served in a sundae complete with bourbon caramel and whipped cream. Rounding out this meat-and-greet, the sundae is dusted with steak sprinkles, two words that I never thought would appear after one another. 

We recently got to try the sundae and, as expected, the flavor lives up to its name. The ice cream itself tastes like a smoky salted caramel, while the steak flavor isn’t immediate, but becomes quite apparent after the sweetness from the caramel dissipates. Imagine chasing a bite of beef jerky with a shot of heavy cream. Sweet, salty, fatty — what more could you ask for?


After some brief convincing, my fellow Foodbeasts around the office gave the new sundae a try. Small bites were taken and eyebrows were raised, but most went in for a second bite. A couple went in for more. The sundae was resoundingly solid. "It's actually kind of good," said managing editor, Reach Guinto, as he took a fifth, sixth, and seventh bite.

For steak ice cream, I would say "kind of good" is a win.

So, if you’re ever sitting around after a nice steak dinner deciding on a dessert, and somehow still haven’t gotten your steak fix, worry not! Longhorn Steakhouse has your answer.