Starburst Strawberry Freeze Now Available at Taco Bell


Taco Bell announced on their Facebook page that they will be launching their new Starburst Freeze on Thursday, Oct. 9. After heralding the release to their fans, the fast food chain assured them, "It's okay, you can freak out now." We are indeed freaking out, Taco Bell.

The first flavor, of what presumably will be expanded if successful, is Starburst Strawberry Freeze. Fans of the Starburst soft-taffy candy will be pleased to know that the Freezes do in fact taste remarkably like pink Starbursts. Nice.


Starburst Freeze will be available at all Taco Bell locations throughout the U.S. They are available for purchase in 16- and 20-ounce cups. Customers can also show up during the Happy Hour window of 2pm-5pm daily and get a regular Freeze drink for $1.

So...get one now and come back again at 2?